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The discussion from the event has been summarized in the outcome report. For additional information you can download below the background papers and presentations from the two streams: Gender equality in learning and teaching and Gender equality in educational planning and management.

We have reserved the videos and presentations of the Keynote Speakers for special viewing at the upcoming e-forum March 26-April 6th. Sign up to this eforum by clicking here.

1-  Gender equality in learning and teaching

What can we learn from PISA on gender equality in educational achievement? (Francesca Borgonovi and Maciej Jakubowski, OECD)
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Gender and learning achievement in Francophone Africa : Study on the performance of pupils in primary cycle (Vanessa Sy, CONFEMEN)
Download presentation (in French)
Trends of gender differences in learning achievement in Southern and Eastern Africa (Albert Byamugisha, Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda; and Mioko Saito, IIEP)
Download presentation 1
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Promoting gender equality: Lessons from a JICA technical cooperation project in basic education in Yemen (Keiko Mizuno and Miyako Kobayashi, JICA)
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Gender dimension of HIV and AIDS programme (Stephanie Dolata, IIEP)
Download presentation (In French)
Gender balance of teachers and school heads in SACMEQ countries (Njora Hungi, SACMEQ)
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Literacy and the Gender Gap in South African Schools: Application of multilevel analysis methods (Linda Zuze, University of Witwatersrand)
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Gender differences in student learning outcomes in Vietnam: Application of structural equation modelling (Cuc Nguyen, University of Melbourne)
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Feminist research and boys’ schooling: Gender equality and construction of African masculinities: An example study of Africa-Asia university dialogue network (Fatuma Chege and Riho Sakurai, University of Kenyatta and University of Hiroshima)
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2- Gender equality in educational planning and management

UNESCO-Global Monitoring Report Gender overview of progress towards gender parity and equality (Pauline Rose, UNESCO)
A global review of gender equality in educational planning and management (Anna Obura, Ministry of Education, Kenya)
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Conceptualising gender equality in educational planning and management: a comparative analysis (Tina Wallace)
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Participation of women in leadership in the sector of education in Uganda (Alice Kagoda, Makerere University)
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Can women circumvent the ‘glass ceiling’ in educational planning and management?
Evidence based case studies:
1- Case study Argentina, by Natalia Gherardi (French version)
2- Case study Kenya, by Anna Obura, Ministry of Education, Kenya (French version)
3- Case study Viet Nam, by Kristy Kelly, Columbia University (French version)
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Viet Nam
Creating and supporting women’s leadership in education: Charting the effects of international, national and organizational cultures (Jill Sperandio, Lehigh University)
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Methodological Issues and Intersectionality in Gender Studies (Jacky Lumby, University of Southampton)
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3- Other presentations made during the event

A Global Compact on Learning: Gender Equality (Anda Adams
Center for Universal Education, The Brookings Institution)
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Les violences de genre en milieu scolaire comme facteur de déscolarisation en Afrique subsaharienne francophone (Genre en Action and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
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